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Armoloy® TDC

Value-added benefits of Armoloy® TDC coating.

  • 78Rc surface hardness
  • Reduced wear and friction in moving parts
  • Enhanced corrosion resistance
  • Absolute adhesion to basis metal, no chipping, cracking, or peeling
  • Improved release characteristics in plastics forming tools-cores, cavities, lifters, pins, screws, plates
  • Reduced maintenance and part replacement costs

Low Friction Coefficient

Armoloy® TDC imparts a micronodular, low friction surface finish. Reduced friction means reduced heat, prolonging the wear life of high-temperature tools.

Prevention of Hydrogen Embrittlement.

SaltSpray_190WArmoloy® TDC process control prevents the embrittlement phenomenon from occuring, though original manufacturing conditions may not, necessarily, be removable.

The Armoloy® TDC process will not affect the tensile, yield or fatigue properties of the basis metal. Pre- and post-baking are available upon request or specification. Armoloy® TDC certifies to AMS-2438, AMS QQ-C-320, AMS-2406, and most other military/industrial specifications.

Absolute Adhesion
Armoloy® TDC technology has improved the process by which its 99% pure chromium coating permeates the surface of metal components. Adhesion is absolute: once applied, the coating will not chip, flake, or otherwise seperate from the basis metal.

Corrosion Resistance.
Armoloy® TDC resists attack by most organic and inorganic compounds, with the exception of sulfuric and hydrochloric acid.

Inferior metal surface finish and low part hardness may inhibit Armoloy’s corrosion resistance properties.

Armoloy® TDC takes the heat.
Armoloy withstands temperatures of -400º to 1600º F (-240º to 871º C.

At elevated temperatures above 1200º F it will react with carbon monoxide, sulfur vapor and phosphorous. At bright red heat, oxidation occurs in steam or alkali hydroxide atmospheres.

Hardness and wear resistance will be reduced, to some degree, at temperatures above 1200º F.

Safety and Cleanliness.
FDA/USDA approved for use, without concern, on food processing equipment, in clean room environments and in medical/pharmaceutical applications. Independent testing has proven no issue of toxicity or skin irritation in Armoloy® coated parts.