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Protect your firearm with Armoloy® TDC

Armoloy of Fort Worth, Texas has been providing quality firearm coatings for over 30 years. The coating has proven time and time again to be an optimal coating Colt45_RightSlantW230for firearms and has been praised as “one of the best rust-resistant metal finishes for handguns, shotguns, and rifles.” Armoloy technology is unlike any other conventional chromium coating. Our proprietary process and coating conforms to existing metal surfaces with amazing detail, creating a hard, slippery, and corrosive resistant surface. It will not chip, flake, crack, peel or separate from the base material even under the most rugged conditions. Armoloy’s thickness, with regard to steel, remains constant and predictable and will not reflect a buildup of greater than 0.0002 of an inch or about one fourth the thickness of a human hair! It has an equivalent hardness in excess of 78 Rockwell C when measured by conventional micro-hardness methods, making it one of the hardest coatings on the market.

  • Nickel and chrome weapons must be stripped prior to processing.
  • Red inserts on front sights are not affected by the Armoloy® process. We suggest that you break your weapon in and have your trigger action to your specifications prior to applying the Armoloy® finish.
  • We strongly advise against applying the Armoloy® coating to springs, and we do not plate alloy (aluminum) parts, due to the possibility of damage to your firearm.
  • Armoloy® produces an attractive satin finish. We do not recommend polishing the firearm after plating due to the possibility of damage to the finish.
  • Armoloy’s® superior surface conformity causes it to replicate any scratches or pits in the base metal. Therefore we suggest that the pits and scratches be polished out by a gunsmith prior to you shipping the gun to us

Handguns Price Long Guns Price
Revolver $195.00 Rifles & Shotguns (Single) $220.00
ID Cylinder & Bore $37.50 Double Barrel Shotgun $235.00
Semi-Automatic $195.00 ID Bore-Rifle $45.00
Extra Magazine (Semi-Auto) $17.50 ID Bore Shotgun $45.00
Extra Barrels or Cylinders $35.00 ID Bore Double Barrel $67.50
Extra Frames $60.00 Extra Barrel $45.00
Extra Magazine $17.50
Receivers w/o internal parts $65.00
Folding metal stock $67.50
*Minimum Charge $75.00